About Us

  • This project was funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. We are grateful for their support over the five years of the project. The information provided on depression.informedchoices.ca has been assembled by the Mobilizing Minds Research Group and does not represent the opinions of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Mental Health Commission of Canada.
  • Those who struggle with depression are often faced with complex decisions and yet there’s a lack of information to assist them in choosing the kind of help that they prefer.
  • Most of the information that is currently available does not address many of the questions and concerns expressed by those who are experiencing depression or at risk of depression in the future.
  • To meet this need, the Mobilizing Minds Research Group conducted interviews, focus groups and surveys to find out what information people want when they are experiencing depression. This information was then gathered from the best research that is available, and included in this website. This site is unique, because it includes the answers to your questions.
  • The information is research-based, trustworthy and credible.

Our Team

  • The Mobilizing Minds Research Group, includes a diverse team of researchers, young adults and community partners/supporters who worked together to develop, evaluate and share this resource.
  • Our Research Team includes researchers from universities across Canada
  • Our Young Adult Team includes both mental health consumers and supporters from across Canada who helped inform and develop this resource.
  • Our Community Partnership Team includes 30+ consumer and professional organizations from across Canada that helped review and evaluate this resource.
  • mindyourmind.ca is our core community partner. They facilitated the Young Adult Team and helped with the development and evaluation of our resources.
  • Many other Collaborators contributed to the development of this resource.

Participating Universities