Questions to Ask When You Are Deciding on a Counselor or Therapist

  • Be sure to ask any questions that are important to you such as:
    • What is your training and experience?
    • Have you treated many people with this type of problem?
    • What treatment approaches do you use and how do they work?
    • Is there a charge for the service?  If there is, what is the fee and how do I pay?
  • Having a good “fit” with your therapist is key to successful therapy.
  • It’s important that you feel safe, supported, and can honestly share your thoughts and feelings.
  • It’s okay to review your choices and look into alternatives to find the right person.
  • Consider creating a list of questions to ask counselors or therapists over the phone before making a first appointment.

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Download: Fact Sheet: Questions to Ask When You Are Deciding on a Therapist

Last Updated: March 12, 2013